Morbyd- Cambion CD (presale)


The 4th and newest CD from Morbyd continuing from being recaptured at the end of Dementia Necromaniac you will be taken on a journey deeper in the mind of a madman as he descends further into madness and finds his origins and goes out to spread evil featuring Syniister, Ry-It, Zagan TDK, Gravedog, Seen-Loc, and M.C. Cole

Option 1: CD
Option 2: CD + Poster
Option 3: CD + Poster + T-Shirt(XL-6XL)
Option 4: CD + Poster + T-Shirt(XL-6XL)
+ Morbyd "NEW GEN" Charm

All items will ship out 3 days before CD release(keep in mind if you order any other items with this item they will not ship until then as well)

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